Video Games & VR For Children Hospitals

Bring a smile to the face of a child in the hospital with our selection of age-appropriate video games and virtual reality experiences. Choose from a variety of educational and entertaining titles.

Children Hospitals

Children Hospitals

Using video games and virtual reality (VR) technology in children’s hospitals can provide a range of benefits for young patients. Here are a few ways these technologies can be beneficial:

  • Distraction and normalcy:
    •  Video games and VR can be used to distract children from the stress and discomfort of medical treatments, providing a sense of normalcy and enjoyment while they are in the hospital. This can also help children to feel more in control and autonomous in an unfamiliar and potentially overwhelming environment.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: 
    • Games and VR can also have therapeutic benefits. They are increasingly being used to promote physical activity, mental wellness and in distraction techniques during medical procedures such as pain management, depending on condition and stage of treatment. For example, VR can be used for distraction during physical therapy for children recovering from injuries, or games can be used to help children with mental health conditions learn coping mechanisms.
  • Entertainment:
    • Aside from the therapeutic benefits, video games and VR can also provide a fun and engaging form of entertainment for children, helping to make their hospital stay more enjoyable.

The use of video games and VR in children’s hospitals can provide young patients with distraction, normalcy, therapeutic benefits, and entertainment.
It is important to note that these technologies should be used with proper guidance, given the child’s condition and stage of treatment.

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